City of Gweru is appealing with residents to abstain from dumping litter in cleared storm water drains to avoid blockages during this rainy season.

At hand is upsurge in blockages in high density areas as a result of human negligence and indecorous disposal of waste.  Residents are dumping solid waste into the drainage on the inlets and outlets of conduits. Eng. B. Chimedza said, “We are clearing drainages but our residents are blocking them. However I encourage the residents to practice good waste management, keeping the City clean especially during this rainy season.  They also should use the 3R system Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) of disposal of waste.”

I urge residents to abstain from dumping refuse in sewer lines and drains especially during this rainy season,” said eng. Chimedza.

Sewer blockages have been on the rise which we condemn as many of these blockages are caused by human negligence. Unblocking sewer lines and drains financially down weighs the local authority thus derailing service provision.