His Worship the Mayor Cllr J. Makombe handing over donations to the elderly. We have been hit hard by COVID 19, not a single province has been spared. We were faced by a very selfish move by some returnees who decided to flee from Mkoba teachers college quarantine centre. I understand they are being tracked down. However as responsible residents bearing that in mind I kindly ask you to report any returnees in neighbourhoods. Boorish as it may sound but bear in mind this is for the good of the community. His Worship the Mayor Josiah Makombe handed over a donation to the disabled and the elderly. While addressing the beneficiaries of the donation , Media practitioners and the City of Gweru management , the Mayor pointed out how it was necessary to help the under- privileged.

Also in his speech he pointed out the challenges that the pandemic has caused and how most sectors are struggling but it is admirable to remember those who are less fortunate.