Water, rates and refuse collection have posed a serious concern to areas in and around the Peri-Urban areas in Gweru. Comfortable

Conflicts have risen between the Vungu Rural District Council and the City of Gweru on how they can resolve the confusion that is facing the stakeholders.

Some areas in Woodlands and Hertfordshire are stipulated to fall under the Vungu Rural District Council; however they still rely on the City of Gweru basing on Humanitarian grounds.

The Acting Town Clerk of the City of Gweru pointed out how, though the Vungu Rural District Council is a separate entity, still the residents complain to the City of Gweru for help.

“City of Gweru is not supposed to worry about the collection of refuse in these areas however the council realised the need for cleaning the dumpsites in order to reduce the probability of health issues within the city,”

“Placement of water meters and the unavailability of council water in these areas has caused problems because there is no clear stipulation on which service provider is supposed to do what” said Chikwekwe.

Vungu Rural District Council and City of Gweru are engaging on the way forward.