City of Gweru Personnel went under training on borehole handle disinfection at Mtapa clinic. Welt Hunger Hilfe conducted this training with the hopes of improving hygiene of boreholes in Gweru since many people in high lying areas are now relying on community borehole water.

Strict rationing measures have been put in place to ensure that the water supply gets to the next rain season.

As a way of trying to improve service delivery a tracker was put in place along the way and goes weekly checking and repairing vandalised lines.

More so when we have power outages it interrupts supply. The switching on and off of machines also damages our pumping system thus on a weekly basis we always repair. Mechanical Foreman Augustine Mutaramuswa said, “We are only pumping 49 mega litres per day against a projected daily supply of 60 mega litres per day with some water being some water being lost along the way due to leakages and pumping is also interrupted so the water will not reach high lying areas.”,

“Most people in high lying areas are mostly affected by this so they are resorting to boreholes, this workshop is helpful and it helps to ensure hygiene at boreholes”, said Mechanical Foreman Augustine Mutaramuswa.