Ministry of Health and Childcare in conjunction with City of Gweru organised a TB Screening programme at four sites with the hope of easing the travelling burden of suspected patients during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The programme which was supported by Union Zimbabwe Trust was done because the Isolation Centre which originally was designated for cases such as this is currently being used as a COVID – 19 quarantine centre. Mr Sibanda the City coordinator of the event mentioned the need for health care facilities to be available for patients.

“… With the Isolation Disease Hospital in use with the COVID- 19 patients the TB patients have been redirected to Council Local Clinics,” said Mr Sibanda.
A rise in concern over the misdiagnosis of TB patients as being COVID 19 patients has risen. The community dialogue was aimed at educating people on differentiating the difference between COVID 19 and TB.

Health Care Workers were encouraged to increase contact investigation especially during this pandemic with the hope of reducing the 45% death rate of TB patients. However, due to economic challenges such as the transportation of sputum and staff challenges the desire to reduce the cases of TB will be hard to accomplish.