Staff reporter 16 July 2020
Council has reviewed its tariff by 75 percent as the current tariff regime has been eroded by inflation and an explosive exchange rate.
Speaking during a stakeholders tariff review meeting, Gweru Mayor Clr Josiah Makombe said the new tariffs have been effected by the harsh economic conditions and would be effective from the first of August.
Clr Makombe highlighted that in the month of June revenue collection was ZWD17 031 091-06 against a projection to make use of ZWD14 744 912 for service provision and ZWD5 830 698-78 for salaries.
He said council agreed that there will be a review quarterly as and when there is need, thus now there is need to look at the tariffs again as inflation has resulted in prices of water chemicals; fuel and other products required for service delivery going up.
Makombe also said council was also now looking at the possibility of coming up with income generating projects so as to lessen the burden on the rate payer.

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