His Worship the Mayor Clr J. Makombe officially opened the Mboba 16 Administration offices, on Friday the 14th of February 2020. Mr Tigere the Director of Housing and Community Services commended the efforts that were done by the City of Gweru by opening the Mkoba 16 Administration Offices. “The opening of the Mkoba 16 Administration Offices was done for the resident’s convenience.

“With the commissioning of the Council offices the residents and clients will no longer be forced to travel long distances in order to get council services,” said Tigere. City of Gweru found a solution to the congestion that was being faced at the Town House. Mrs Jaji the Assistant Director of the Housing Administration at City of Gweru Housing and Community Services Department also commented by saying that the opening of the Mkoba 16 Administration Offices was strategically planned. “The aim for the Mkoba 6 and Mkoba 16 Administration offices was to cater for the residents who reside close to that area,” said Jaji.