City of Gweru conducted budget consultation meetings from the 5th of November 2020 to the 15th of November 2020.

Resident associations , residents, SMEs, Media Fraternity, WICOZ, Padare, Disabled and Religious Sector and Informal sector were invited to 2021 budget consultation meetings with the motive of having a dialogue between the local authority and the general public. The 2021 budget, if approved, will determine the pricing that the local authority will use when billing for service provision.

At the budget consultation meeting held on the 5th of November His Worship the Mayor Cllr J. Makombe explained the reason why the local authority is being forced to peg their prices of services using the USD. “ City of Gweru is being charged in foreign currency or the  equivalent for equipment needed in service provision such as water chemicals or fuel for refuse collection, hence we are then forced to charge using Forex,” said his Worship the Mayor Cllr J. Makombe.

Though the consultation meetings were based on how the day to day running of the Local Authority will be like 2021, this platform was also used by the public to air out any complaints or views on how the Local Authority should improve on service delivery.